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How many tacos per guest?
About 5-6 tacos per guest, remember, these tacos are really good and many eat 7-8 especially with liquor around.

Do you guys cook on location?
Yes, we arrive 2  hours before hand to cook meat/non-meat entrees on site. Additional serving time is available at the rate of $50 each additional hour with prior notice required. Last minute request’s for additional serving time will be at a rate of $30 per half hour.

Do you cover my area?
We cover most cities in Orange County Long Beach Los Angeles Corona Riverside

How much space do you need?
Our grills start at 5’ x 3’ and depending on your package we usually take a 4 foot or 8 foot table. Area of 10x10 required.

Do you need any electrical outlets?

Do the cooks/employees wear uniform?
Yes, white chef coats or Black/White Polo shirts and always well trimmed.

I don’t have the exact guest count yet, can I still reserve?
Of course, we are very flexible and you can make any changes up to 7 days prior

Do you use lard?
We know, makes food taste much better, but unfortunately we don’t use it.

Is everything really home made?
Definitely, we cook our own tomatillo to make our delicious one of a kind salsa and chop everything from scratch

I had a taco man before and the meat had a lot of gristle and fat.
They say you get what you pay for, but with us you get Quality cuts of meat that you can taste. We have our own in house butcher and do our own cuts and marinate. Always FRESH, NEVER frozen.

Do the cooks speak English?

Are the tacos good?
We have been in the Taco Bar Catering business for over 9 years and yet to have one customer say they aren’t. We don't just serve Tacos, we serve the experience as well.

Left Overs?
You keep all the leftovers.

Gratuity included in my final cost?
NO, but graciously accept if you feel we earned it.


Cancellation Policy? Events canceled within
24 hours of the event are charged 80% of the total amount.
2-3 days of the event are charged 75% of the total amount.
4-6 days of the event are charged 50% of the total amount.

7-9 days of the event are charged 40% of the total amount.
10 Days or more are not subject to any cancellation fees.

*Deposits are non refundable since our service has a high demand and we turn away clients for your reservation.

Minimum deposit of 30% of TOTAL amount, in form of Check or Cash must be made to book and confirm date, based on availability, at least 10 days prior to event.

If booking 7 days or less before event (Last Minute), FULL Payment is REQUIRED at time of booking/confirmation in Cash, no checks will be accepted.

 What form of payment do you take?
*Debit/Credit Visa Mastercard Amex Discover
*Certified Check/Money Order

Checks must be mailed and received 10 days prior, NO EXCEPTION. Final payment in cash, debit/credit card is acceptable at day of event.